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You will need:

  • 1 x Mangrove Jack’s Classic Blonde Dry
  • 500gm Brew Booster
  • 1 Hallertau Hopbag
  • 1 Lager/Pilsner Grain Pack
  • Saflager Yeast


How to make it:


  1. Cool 5 or more litres of water in your fridge in a sterilised container*
  2. Put Hallertau hop bag in a cup of boiling water and put aside
  3. Steep Grain in 1 litre of hot tap water for 30 mins
  4. Strain grain through a kitchen sieve or muslin into a saucepan and rinse the grain with a further 500mls of hot water into the pot. Discard grain.
  5. Boil grain wort for 10 minutes
  6. Pour grain wort, Blonde kit and Brew Booster into fermenter
  7. Add hop liquid to the fermenter.
  8. Top up fermenter with cooled water and tap water to 23 litres
  9. Add Saflager yeast and stir vigorously
  10. Drop hop bag in fermenter
  11. Seal and fill airlock and place in a cool spot**
  12. Ferment until hydrometer reading is stable over two days.



*  Use chilled water to reach a satisfactory temperature, preferably at or below 20°C and add yeast immediately.


** Keep the fermenter cool, ideally 12-15°C.  Place the fermenter on a concrete slab or place in a tray of water and wrap in a towel.  Use frozen drink bottles around fermenter.  Use an old fridge with a Brewers Choice Brewing Thermostat for ideal brewing conditions.
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