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WW BrewKeg25™ Pressure Fermenter Uni Tank


The Williams Warn BrewKeg25™ stainless steel unitank is a 25 litre conical pressure fermenter with sediment removal and an easy to use lid with pressure relief/spunding valve. The BrewKeg25™ is suitable for all-grain, partial mash, fresh wort or extract brewers who want to experience the magic results of pressure fermentation - in as little as 4-7 days you can very cost effectively produce high-quality lagers and ales. All you need is a room with an ambient temperature 18-28°c for fermentation, a fridge for cooling/clarification and a little enthusiasm! Dispense directly from the BrewKeg25™ or transfer to bottles, growlers or kegs using our accessories and start another brew. Suitable for the standard batch size of 23 litres using grain, or two standard 1.7kg extract cans. At 660mm full height (395mm diameter), the BrewKeg25™ has been designed to fit directly into a standard kegerator.

Click HERE for WilliamsWarn How-To videos on Youtube. Click HERE for Product Manual downloads.