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Belgian Candi Syrup 500g - Dark


Belgian Candi Syrup: Belgian candi syrup is made from highly concentrated beet sugar.  It is used by professional brewers to produce some of the unique beer styles indigenous to Belgium. The colour results from natural caramelisation during the heating process. Dark Belgian Candi Syrup provides mild notes of dark chocolate, toffee and toasted-bread. Ideal for all Belgian Ale’s. Using the syrup will add additional colour to your wort.


For a Belgian Tripel Extract Recipe using Belgian Candi Syrup, click here.

Note: Candi syrup can be used in any recipe, from Kit and kilo to All-grain to add the unique Belgian flavours, a darker colour and additional alcohol.

Candi syrup is an all-natural crafted adjunct with specific percentiles of fructose and glucose with varying small degrees of sucrose depending on style. Candi syrup is directly fermentable at 1.032 PPG with rich and complex flavor contributions.