(New and Improved) Camembert/Blue Cheese Starter Kit


Camembert/Blue Cheese Starter Kit:

Within this starter kit you will find all the basic equipment to enable you to make your own Camembert,Brie and Blue Cheeses. The ingredients in this kit will produce up to 40 Camembert.

This kit contains:

  • Ripening container plus aging mat
  • Bamboo draining mat
  • 5 x Camembert Baskets
  • 40 x Cellophane Cheese Wraps
  • 250ml Liquid Sanitize
  • 100g Cheese salt
  • Camembert Blend
  • MM100
  • Penincilum Roquefortii
  • 50ml Rennet
  • 50ml Calcium Chloride