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Epicurean Premium Cheese Starter Kit


Within this starter kit you will find all the basic equipment to enable you to make your Cheddar, Swiss, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Gouda and many more. The ingredients in this kit will produce up to 20 batches.800g Cheese Basket, Epicurean Cheese Press, 1mtr Butter Muslin, Cheese Thermometer, 250ml Liquid Sanitiser, 500g Salt, Thermophilic Cultures, Mesophilic Cultures, Proprioni Bacteria, 10g Lipase Powder, 50ml Calcium Chloride, 100g Citric Acid, 50ml Rennet, 500g Cheese Wax Cheese & InstructionsYou will also need:10L Pot>Double Boiler (or equivalent), Slotted Serving Spoon, Cutting Board, Long Blade Knife