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Grainfather Conical Fermenter Dual Valve Tap


The dual valve tap on the bottom of the fermenter uses a new innovative 'valve within a valve' design to allow you to both dump sediment from the beer, and take samples/transfer the beer. This is the first time a valve like this has been used in either of the homebrew or commercial areas.

The large opening on the valve facing out at a 90 degree angle is where the yeast/sediment is removed. This opening is large enough to ensure none of the sediment 'clogs' it (provided the sediment is removed on a regular basis of 2-3 days). This part opens and closes with a spring loaded lever on the side of the valve to ensure minimal beer wastage.
The opening at the bottom is for taking beer samples while fermenting and also for transferring the beer once it has finished fermenting. This valve has a beer inlet piece that attaches to the top of it; this is where it takes the beer from. There are 2 different heights to select from:
1. 110mm - This is for most of the beers being made and is included in the valve
2. 150mm - This is when using a lot of dry hops (200g+) (sold separately)
This beer inlet is designed to sit above the yeast sediment so that it always takes a clean and clear sample.