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Lager and Pilsner Grain Pack


Lager and Pilsner Grain Pack - Adds flavour and colour to your lagers and pilsners and boosts head retention. Use a lager and pilsner grain pack in any brew to boost and retain the head of your beer. Contains 250g Carapils Malt.

Specialty grains are an easy way to add extra flavour to your brew, and can be added to any kit or extract recipe.

Brewers Choice Grain Packs are designed to go with specific beer styles and contain just the right combination of grains to augment and enhance the flavour profile of your beer of choice.

We have grain packs for Lagers, Ales and Stouts so you are sure to be able to find just the right grain combination to suit your favourite beer.

Want more information?

Refer to our “Brewing with Specialty Grains” instructions and video for details on how to get the best from this Lager and Pilsner grain pack.  It’s dead easy to do!

And check out our Hop, Grain and Malt Combinations table for the best combinations of the three.