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Infuse Your Booze!

Infusing your spirits with exciting flavours!

Flavouring your spirits with infusions is dead simple and endlessly creative. Make some for yourself or try it as a unique gift. Here’s how to create an infusion using whatever flavours you like:

1. Choose your base spirit.

This can be your own homebrew or a commercially brewed spirit. The important point to note here is that the spirit is smooth and clean so that the flavour of the infusion can come through.

We suggest using Brewers Choice Arctic Ice Vodka as a base.

infuse spirits

2. Choose your flavours.

Common infusions include herbs, spices, and fruits, however you can use whatever captures your imagination!

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:
• Chilli;
• Apple and Cinnamon;
• Mint and watermelon;
• Ginger;
• Gummi Bears;
• Tea;
• Chai Spice;
• Chocolate;
• Coconut;

3. Wash your ingredients, add to an air-tight jar, and cover with your base spirit.

4. Store in a cool dark place and shake every day. Leave for at least 1 week.

infuse spirits

5. Test your infusion.

If it’s ready then drink! If not, leave it for a few more days and test again. For strong flavours your infusion could be done within 4 days, for more subtle flavours you may need to leave it for up to 2 weeks.

Well done. You’ve made your own custom spirit!

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