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  • Hydrometers Vs Refractometers

    Hydrometers Vs Refractometers

    There are many ways to improve your brewing process. Of all of the measurements you can take, one of the easiest is measuring the specific gravity of your beer. Any brewer worth his wort understands that measuring gravity often, is key to producing...

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  • Making Your Own Clear Belgian Candi Syrup

    Making Your Own Clear Belgian Candi Syrup

    Many home brew recipes for Belgian beers call for Belgian Candi Sugar.  Candi sugar is used because: It boosts the alcohol content without adding body. It promotes fermentation by providing simple sugars that are easier for yeasts to consume. Depending on...

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  • Stainless Steel Filter vs. EZ Filter

    Stainless Steel Filter vs. EZ Filter

    Brewers Choice offers two types of Filters, the EZ Filter and the Stainless Steel Filter.  Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. This article will try to give you a new perspective on both.  Note: Spirits cannot be filtered properly...

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  • Brewing Big Beers

    Brewing Big Beers

    When it comes to brewing big beers, you want to give your yeast a fighting chance of getting the job done. Big beers call for a lot of malt, and the thicker your beer wort is, the harder it is...

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  • Infuse Your Booze!

    Infusing your spirits with exciting flavours! Flavouring your spirits with infusions is dead simple and endlessly creative. Make some for yourself or try it as a unique gift. Here’s how to create an infusion using whatever flavours you like: 1....

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  • How To Get A Better Head On Your Beers

    Appearance isn’t everything, but it sure feels good to impress your mates with a beer with a beautiful head. It’s not all about correctly carbonating your beer, there’s actually many ways to ensure that your beer has a good head:...

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  • How To Brew Light Beers That Don’t Suck!

    Light beers have a bad reputation. They’re often looked on as low on flavour and an unfortunate necessity if you’re planning on driving. This, however, doesn’t have to be the case. When made correctly low ABV beers can still be...

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  • 5 Reasons You Should Brew A Cider This Summer

    Here are 5 reasons you should brew a cider this summer (like you needed more convincing!). Ciders are perfect for summer entertaining. We at Brewers Choice don’t really understand it but some people don’t like beer. For summer entertaining it’s a great...

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  • Why New Brewers Should Use Fresh Wort Kits

    Let me share with you the story of my first ever brew. Full of ambition and blind-optimism I decided that my first brew would be an 8.6% Christmas Ale brewed with cherries, vanilla, maple syrup, and cinnamon. The brew was...

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  • Grainfather Conversion Kit – New Product

    Those of you with a grainfather – take note! There is now a grainfather conversion kit that updates the older model with the benefits of the new model – Namely  the connections are easier and the silicone O-rings are less painful to crush. It’s makes the...

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  • Why Do Wheat Beers Taste Like Banana?

    Wheat beers tend to be a polarising variety of beer. Wheat beers are distinctive in their often hazy appearance, their silky mouthfeel, and their unique flavour profile that can include banana, cloves, and even bubble-gum. Wheat beers are brilliant for...

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