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SS Classic Shamrock Whiskey


SS Classic Shamrock Whiskey


You'll love our Classic Irish Whiskey if you enjoy a night cap of Tullamore Dew or Jameson's.

Classic Irish Whiskey produces a fine triple distilled non-peaty Whiskey. This Irish gem has a smooth malty flavour, coupled with notes of lemon, charred wood and sweet spice. Best enjoyed neat or with a splash of water.

Scottish and American whiskies are distilled twice, while Irish whiskey is distilled three times (there are exceptions to the rule, in all cases). Distilling three times produces a lighter and smoother spirit.

The malted barley used to make Scotch Whisky is usually dried by burning peat, which gives Scotch whisky its unique flavour. American and Irish whiskies usually use wood or other fuels, giving it a lighter, less smokey flavour.