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Napsteen Larger

Napsteen Larger

Napsteen Larger

You will need:


  • Morgans Golden Saaz Pilsner
  • 1kg Light dried malt
  • 500g Dextrose
  • 30gm Nelson Sauvin Hops
  • Lager/Pilsner Grain Pack
  • S-23 Saflager Yeast



  1.  In advance of brewing, place 10 litres of water in sterilised, closed containers in a fridge.
  2.   Place Lager Grain Pack in a bowl. Add 1 litre of hot tap water and steep the grain for 20 minutes.
  3.  Pour contents of grain bowl through a sieve into a saucepan, rinse grain with an additional 1 litre of hot water and bring saucepan to the boil.
  4.  Once boiling, turn off heat, add 15gm Nelson Sauvin hops and let sit for 5 mins.
  5.  Pour saucepan contents into the fermenter and stir well.
  6.  Empty contents of Golden Saaz can, Dextrose and Dried Malt into fermenter and stir until dissolved.
  7.   Add chilled water & tap water until you reach 23 litres at 20-22˚c.
  8.  Stir vigorously to create a thick froth on the wort.
  9.  Tip in the rest of the Nelson Sauvin hops and sprinkle Saflager yeast on top.
  10.  Seal fermenter and place in a cool, dark place, ideally at 12-15˚C. *
  11.  Age in bottles at least four weeks before sampling, longer if you can. Cheers!



*  Try to maintain a cool even temperature in the fermenter.  Place the fermenter in a tray and wrap it in a blanket with an end in a container of water.  Placing the fermenter on a concrete slab can also help to keep the temperature constant.  Use a Brewers Choice Brewing Thermostat in an old fridge for optimum brewing conditions all year round.

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