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  • What Makes A Good Summer Beer?

    There’s a few key elements. Firstly, a good summer beer must be refreshing. Now, refreshing is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot in the advertising of beers. Give me a beer for every time I’ve heard the phrase...

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  • Keep Your Dog Safe!

    Man’s best friend is as loyal to us as most of us are to beer and we know that your canine friend means the world to you, so we’d like pass on a very serious warning about dogs and hops....

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  • Mad Millie Cheese Making

    Brewers Choice is pleased to announce that we stock the full range of Mad Millies Cheese making products. Brewers Choice has been offering cheese making ingrediants and equipment for some time and we are very excited to add this great...

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  • The Importance Of Serving Beer In Glasses

    The Importance Of Serving Beer In Glasses

    It has been observantly stated that we “drink with our eyes”. Thus, the presentation of the beer in the glass in terms of its foam head, clarity/brilliance and colour is very important. In terms of flavour, the foam head is...

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