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Air Still Pro


The Air Still Pro looks like a kettle, works like a kettle - but it makes alcohol! The Air Still system uses a revolutionary still made with a stainless steel body, built in air cooling system - meaning no water used for cooling.

The Air Still Pro is a small-batch, 2-in-1 distillation system that allows you to craft high quality light and dark spirits.  With a multi-purpose condenser and interchangeable distillation tips, the Air Still Pro enables you to produce clean, neutral spirits at up to 90% ABV in reflux mode and make flavoursome and botanical-infused spirits at up to 80% ABV in the pot still mode. 

 A key feature of the Air Still Pro is the automatic foreshots collection vial that captures the first 30 ml of distillate, allowing you to discard foreshots easily. This advanced feature improves safety and saves you extra steps in the process. In addition, other reflux stills may require an input cooling source, such as water, but the Air Still Pro column cools itself.

Distillation takes just two hours and produces enough alcohol each time to make a 1 L bottle at 38-40% ABV. The Air Still does not compromise on quality with its revolutionary non-technical design. There are also no hoses and no complicated assembly, just plug in and its ready! 

The Air Still can be used to make spirits and liqueurs as well as essential oils and for the distillation of water.

The Air Still Pro is easy to use and suitable for keen beginners or more advanced distillers looking for a multi-purpose air still. Also available as the Air Still Pro Head Unit to upgrade your Still Spirits Air Still.

*Please note: The Air Still Pro Head Unit warranty is void if used with any boiler that is not provided with the Still Spirits Air Still or Air Still Pro.*

Included with the Air Still Pro Head Unit:

  • Air Still Pro Head Unit with a pre-packed reflux column
  • Air Still Pro Boiler and power cable
  • Botanical basket
  • 2x glass foreshots collection vials
  • Easy-swap distillation tips for reflux and pot still modes
  • Distillation tip spanner
  • Starter guide


    • Yield: 2.25 L (2.4 US qt) of 40% ABV alcohol per 8L (2.1 US Gal) wash 
    • Pot Still mode: Distills at 80% ABV (160 US proof) before diluting to 40% ABV (80 US proof)
    • Reflux Still mode: Distills at 90% ABV (180 US proof) before diluting to 40% ABV (80 US proof)
    • Dimensions: 32cm (h) x 46cm (w) x 50cm (d)
    • Weight: 9.71 kgs (21.4 pounds)
    • Power: 220v (110 US Only)
    • Warranty: 3 years