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Prestige Bison Vodka Essence


It's smells of freshly mown hay and spring flowers, of thyme and lavender, and it's soft on the palate and so comfortable, it's like listening to music by moonlight." At least Isabel thought so in Somerset Maugham's novel The Razor's Edge. Perhaps the author felt the same way. His character Sophie liked the tint: "It's funny, its colour is just like its smell. It's like that green you sometimes see in the heart of a white rose" To be fair we should note that these fictional folks had nice things to say about opium too.

The source of Bison Vodka's wealth of qualities is a plant of unassuming appearance called sweet grass, holy grass, Seneca grass or vanilla grass, or in Latin Hierochloe odorata. In Poland it is called bison grass (bison in Polish is zubr). Bison grass contains coumarin, a glycoside with a distinctive fragrance, once generally used to flavor tobacco, cakes and beverages. Today, because coumarin has been found to have anticoagulant properties, it is allowed only in tiny amounts which the Polish health authorities deem harmless. Bison Vodka contains only about a dozen milligrams of coumarin per litre, derived from an infusion of one or two kilos of bison grass per thousand liters of vodka. Besides, think about it: do you really want your blood to clot?