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Caramalt Grain Pack


Caramalt Grain Pack - Use a Caramalt Grain Pack with your beer brewing to add a light toffee flavor with a hint of toast, and slight red hue. An excellent choice for a wide variety of English and American ales. Caramalt will contribute unfermentable dextrins which add body and enhance foam stability. Caramalt may be steeped or mashed.

Simply steep the caramalt grain, sieve it into a pot and boil for 5 minutes, before adding it to the fermenter.  Your beer will have a lovely fresh grain flavour to it.   Boiling the wort is also a great time to add some fresh hops to lift the flavour even more.

Specialty grains are an easy way to add extra flavour to your brew, and can be added to any kit or extract recipe.

Brewers Choice Grain Packs are designed to go with specific beer styles and contain just the right combination of grains to augment and enhance the flavour profile of your beer of choice.

We have grain packs for Lagers, Ales and Stouts so you are sure to be able to find just the right grain combination to suit your favourite beer.

Want more information?

Refer to our “Brewing with Specialty Grains” instructions and video for details on how to get the best from this caramalt grain pack.  It’s dead easy to do!

And check out our Hop, Grain and Malt Combinations table for the best combinations of the three.