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Water Flow Regulator (Suits all Stills)

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Do you run your still off tank water?  Do you suffer from a drop in water pressure every time someone flushes a toilet? Or starts the washing machine?  The Water Flow Regulator fixes this.  It's an easy way to prevent changes in water pressure affecting the water flow into your still.

The Water Flow Regulator will ensure your water flow rate is constant and your still runs at a constant temperature for the whole cycle. With a 1 Litre reservoir, float valve and a permanently mounted submersible pump, fixing your water pressure problems will take just minutes.


Installation of the water flow regulator is simple - cut the still water supply hose in half, attach the ends to either side of the regulator, and plug in the power.

Water Flow Regulator Contains:

  • Water Reservoir with in-built pump;
  • Power Leads
  • Hose Connections